So You Wish to Join the Black Squad

An induction on becoming a fully-fledged member


Before becoming an official member of the Black Squad, there are a few, simple steps which must be followed and completed. Also, a little information about the clan itself is provided to give you everything you need to become a General yourself. If you have any further questions which are not addressed in this induction, contact a member through steam or the forums for help.



So You Wish to Join the Black Squad

An induction on becoming a fully-fledged member

The Forums


First of all, you will need to join the Black Squad forums. The forums are important in the Black Squad, as its how members keep up to date with the happenings in the clan, converse with other members, and also how members inform the generals/warrant officers of anything, such as an extended absence or a request for a war.

The website you will need to visit is On the right side of the screen, there are headings ‘Welcome’ and ‘Now on TeamSpeak’, ‘Last Seen’, and ‘Forthcoming Events’. Go to the box headed by ‘Welcome’, and there should be spaces for a Username and a Password. Under these is a ‘Signup’ option. Select it and it brings you to a page which asks you for certain details, such as a username, real name, password, etc. After filling in the red asterisked fields, click the register button at the bottom of the screen.

After registering, you will need to login using the username and password you registered with. When you sign in, mouse over to the ‘Main Menu’ box on the left side of the screen, and select the ‘Forums’ link. This will lead you to the Black Squads main conversing medium. At the moment, you will be able to see the public discussion section of the forum which is depicted below:

Click on the ‘Recruiting’ section, and it will come up with a screen consisting of all the threads in the recruitment section of the forum.

Open the link ‘Application Form’ under the heading ‘Important Threads’, which will lead you to a template application form which should appear as the following:

Copy the text in this form starting from ‘Real Name’ to ‘Yes Trent did J’, and paste it in a new thread, which can be done by clicking on the ‘New Thread’ icon at the top right of the middle column of the application form thread, as can be clearly seen in the picture above. Name the subject of the thread whatever name you registered with followed by application. For example, Killer’s application reads ‘Killer117 Application’. Paste the copied template into the ‘Post’ section below the ‘subject’ section, and replace the given answers with your own. You don’t have to go too in-depth; just enough to give the Generals a general idea on how well you’ll fit into the clan. There is a proper introduction section in the member’s area once you have been approved. If typing ‘status’ into the console in-game doesn’t give you your steam id, join a member’s game and ask them kindly to check yours for you.

After you completely fill out the form, click ‘submit new thread’ to post on the forums. The way you just posted is the exact same way you can post on any forum section. You can also reply to forum posts in much the same way, only clicking on the ‘post reply’ icon instead.

Once the application form is posted, your application to join the Black Squad is considered pending trial, by the Generals/Warrant Officers. It is important to stay active on the forums if you wish to contribute to the clan’s wellbeing.

Once your trial is over, one of the Generals will post that they approve your application and you will be given permissions to see the ‘members’ section of the forum, where you will be able to post and reply to almost anything you want. Try to post on the forums as much as possible, but there are rules. Do not double post on a post; if you need to correct spelling, or give more information, edit your existing post. Also, do not fill up the forums with threads that have absolutely no purpose what-so-ever, spam is a no-go and will result in severe consequences.

Also, try not to change your name from your registered name too much, to avoid confusion among the clan. If absolutely necessary, inform the Generals/Warrant Officers of the change, through either steam, or a post on the forums.




The Black Squad has a ranking system which applies to all members. The complete rank list is below:

Enlisted Members (all members start as an enlisted member)

Private (Pvt) Tag is worn like this -BlkSqdT- Pvt you must have the T after BlkSqd showing TRIAL
Private First Class (PFC)
Lance Corporal (LCpl)
Corporal (Cpl)
Sergeant (Sgt)
Staff Sergeant (SSgt)
Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt)
Master Sergeant (MSgt)
First Sergeant (1stSgt)
Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt)
Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)
Sergeant Major of Black Squad (SGMBS)

Warrant Officers

Warrant Officer (WO)
Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CWO2)
Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO3)
Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO4)
Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CWO5)


Second Lieutenant (2ndLt)
First Lieutenant (1stLt)
Captain (Capt)
Major (Maj)
Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol)
Colonel (Col)
Brigadier General (BGen)
Major General (MajGen)
Lieutenant General (LtGen)
General (Gen)
5 Star General (Gen)

All new members begin at the rank of Private First Class (PFC) after completing their trial. Information on how to rank up or more details on each rank is provided in the ‘Important Threads’ section of the ‘Black Squad Operations’ part of the forums. Being active on the forums is important in keeping your current rank and ranking up. If you do not post on the forums, you will not rank up; simple.




Teamspeak 3 is a huge part of Black Squad’s operations, as it is a medium in which members with microphones can communicate with one another. Teamspeak is free of charge, and is virus free, so there is no worry there. To acquire Teamspeak, simply type in to Google ‘Teamspeak 3 download’, and select the first site there, which should be Download the client version of whatever operating system you have. When the download is completed, open Teamspeak 3, and fill out the first time setup.

To assign a hotkey to your microphone if not already done so in the first time setup, go to settings in the top panel, options, capture in the left panel, and assign a hotkey for the Push-To-Talk, which is located directly under ‘Capture Mode’ and ‘Capture Device’. It is recommended to use a key which is not pressed a lot, because you might accidentally spam the other people on the TeamSpeak channel which is rather annoying. Some members use the Alt key, while others use the Mouse 3 button, but it is completely up to you which hotkey you use. Simply hold the hotkey, and talk.

To connect to the Black Squad’s TeamSpeak server, go to the top left of the top panel and click connections, then click connect. This will bring up connection options, with ‘Server Address’, ‘Nickname’, and ‘Server Password’ appearing as headings. Fill in the server ‘Address Box’ with, which is Black Squad’s server. Fill in the ‘Nickname’ box with whatever name you registered on the forums with, to save confusion and encourage recognition of you by other members. Leave the ‘Password’ box empty as Black Squad has no password on their public channel. This is given in an example by Killer117 below:

When first entering the Black Squad’s TeamSpeak server, a General or Warrant Officer of the clan will need to give you permissions to move about into the different channels according to your Rank. To move channels, simply double click on the heading of the channel you wish to join. Alternatively, you may drag your name from your current channel to the desired one.

Attempt to appear on Teamspeak 3 as much as possible when you are playing in-game, or are even just chilling out on your computer surfing the internet. There is generally always someone online that is willing to have a chat, so don’t be shy. TeamSpeak is critically needed in organized events where it is inefficient to talk in-game. Also, if you are playing in-game with another member, encourage them to get onto TS3 in order to increase communication and team skills.


‘Tagging up’


Firstly, before you can tag up with the Black Squad clan name, you must add Scoota, the 4-star General of Black Squad. After you befriend him on steam, he will send you group invites into the Black Squad community, which you must accept. You will receive an invite to the Black Squad community group and (only if participating in the ‘WAR section’ of Black Squad) an invite to the Black Squad war group. These groups give news about upcoming events and some information about the organization of the clan (although most information is on the forums). After accepting these group invites, open Counter-Strike Source and the options panel on the left side of the screen.

After this, go into the multiplayer tab on the top right of the options window. Then select the advanced options, and then select the clan tag option which is third from the top, under ‘Multiplayer Decal Limit’ and ‘Weapon Alignment’. This will bring up several clan tag options. Depending on whether you are in the WAR section group or not, you will either choose the Black Squad war section tag (if you are involved) or the Black Squad Community tag (RPG tag).

This will mean you are an official member of Black Squad. Note that Scoota will only send you the group invite/s if you have completed the previous steps to the letter. As an official member, you must conduct yourself with dignity & integrity, as you represent the clan with your actions. Black Squad does not wish to have a bad reputation for being disrespectful to other clans, members or players. Doing this repeatedly will bring severe consequences.



Rules in being a part of Black Squad


There are certain rules and regulations which come hand-in-hand with being a member of the Black Squad Clan. If any of these rules are broken, harsh consequences may follow for your membership in the Black Squad. Some of these rules, if broken only once, will get you kicked out permanently, whereas mostly it takes a conjunction of rules to cause a kick from the clan. The rules and regulations are:

1.       3 Strikes and you’re out, this is only for minor offenses

2.       Be respectful at all times, don’t bag out Black Squad or public members in any game

3.       You must be active on the forums and on TeamSpeak throughout your time with the Black Squad

4.       Cursing is tolerated at a minimal level, but if you’re like Gordon Ramsay then you can be booted out.

5.       Respect Black Squad’s member’s ranks, if you are playing with a general and he tells you to do something you should probably do it. We never tell you to do anything without a reason. If you have an issue with what you have been told to do, address it privately, not openly across a public server or in the presence of other members

6.       Do not microphone spam in-game or on TeamSpeak, under ANY circumstances

7.       Black Squad is a 15+ clan, we only accept mature and reliable members into the clan.

8.       If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks without posting on the forums you will be counted as inactive and will be demoted pending removal from the clan.

9.       Hacking is strictly forbidden, if you are caught hacking you will be kicked out of the clan instantly.

10.   Bothering Generals for RPG credits or WCS levels can get you kicked from a server or blocked on a friends list. Don’t do it, RPG credits & WCS levels will only be given as a Reward or purchased through the clan store.

11.   Be productive on the forums; do not post 4 word answers.

12.   Black Squad's ranking system requires constant upkeep on player requirements on their role within the clan, if the player stops doing their job without reason they will be demoted.

13.   Do not bring up old topics on the forums, if there old and inactive leave them that way.

14.   Copying any information off this website to a 3rd party is forbidden

15.   SQUAD A ONLY One strike and you’re demoted to squad b or squad c. We represent the clan, don’t screw around.

16.   SQUAD A ONLY If you are inactive for more than 4 days without telling the Squad Leader you will be put in reserves or demoted automatically.

17.   Rank is earned by respect, loyalty and motivation. Prove to us you have what it takes to succeed in Black Squad

18.   Keep a fine line between fun and seriousness, when we’re pubbing have some fun. When we are warring it’s time to get serious, so act serious.

19.   Donate, say thanks or put in some work for the clan to keep yourself a member!


Having read and completed the steps in this induction, you are now a recognized Black Squad member and are on your way to be the best gamer in Australia (with the best clan of course) ;)


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